Hydra is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece


An island without cars

The island is part of the Saronic Islands. Perhaps the most unique aspect of this beautiful and wonderful little paradise is that the main means of transport for those living on the island are donkeys as well as water taxis. Hydra is one of the places that fascinates people. In the port are lined with café's restaurants and souvenir shops.


Hydra is the capital

The island of Hydra, despite its most untouched popularity. This is due to the fact that growth was limited, new buildings were built in the towns of the surrounding islands to meet the growing tourism, while the town of Hydra did not allow new buildings to be erected, only the restoration.

Hydra atrractions


Landmarks of the island

One of the attractions of the island is the castle, which is located in the port. Walking up to the castle, you can see black-painted cannon tubes that take are defend of the island. It is worth going up if you are here, because from here you have a wonderful view of the sea and the harbor. There is also a history museum on the island, located on the east side of the harbor. The museum exhibits objects related to navigation, showing the important role the island played during the Greek War of Independence. The other attraction that we can already see from the boat are the watermills lined up along the coast, which provide a beautiful view.

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