One of the best quality thermal waters in Hungary is located in Igal


The history of the city

The town of Igal is located in Somogymegye, 24 kilometers from Kaposvár and 40 kilometers from Lake Balaton. It is mentioned for the first time in written form in 1211. It is already mentioned as a village in 1272. From 1448, it is referred to as a market town. It received city status in 2009.

Igal attractions


Igali spa

The spa has been in operation since 1962, in 2001 it was certified as a spa. The spa's water supply is provided by the 81-degree water that emerges from a depth of 651 meters and has since become famous for its outstanding healing effects. In our spa with a family atmosphere, all ages can find the most ideal relaxation option for them. Nearly 200,000 visitors visit the Igali spa every year.


Anna church, Kálvária-hill

The XIV. century, a church was built here for the first time in honor of Saint George. The church we see today was built in 1750 using the ruins of the old church. The group of statues built on Kálvária Hill in Igali is a significant monument not only for its artistic and ecclesiastical value, but also from a historical point of view. The place commemorates the defeat suffered here by the army of Kuruc Rákóczi. Vak Bottyán's troops fell here, and the resting place pays tribute to the local residents who fell victim to the battles. The hill was created from the remains of destroyed buildings.


Saint Donat Chapel

The chapel of St. Donat lies in the embrace of the vineyards of Somogy. The chapel was dedicated in honor of Saint Donat, the patron saint of winemakers. The chapel was renovated in 2014 and is a pleasant 30-minute walk from the center of Igal.

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