HUNGARY Lillafüred

Lillafüred is the jewel of Bükk


The origin of the city's name

Lillafüred, one of the most beautiful settlements in Hungary, offers a lot of attractions, including its two most important symbols, Lake Hámori and Palace Inn. The city got its name from Erzsébet Vay, whose nickname was Lilla. Count Erzsébet Vay was András Bethlen's niece. At the beginning of the 1890s, Bethlen decided to build a government resort near Lake Hámori. This was the Palace Hotel, which was built between 1926 and 1930.

Sights of Lillafüred


Lake Hámori and the ancient smelter in Újmassa

The lake acquired its current size in the 19th century in order to ensure the water supply of the metallurgical plants operating on the site. The creation of the lake can be attributed to Frigyes Fazola, it was created by damming the Garadna and Szinva streams. Not far from the lake is the ancient Újmassai smelter. This is the only metallurgical monument in Hungary, there are only three such monuments in Europe. It was built by Frigyes Fazola in 1812. It acquired its present form after its reconstruction in 1832 and ended its operation in 1872.


The Lillafüred waterfall and hanging garden

Hungary's highest waterfall was created during the construction of the Palace Inn, by diverting the Szinva. From a height of 20 meters, the water falls down. It offers an impressive sight both in winter and summer. The garden was created during the construction of the Palace Hotel. Each terrace has a different theme. Walking through the garden, we reach the entrance to the Anna cave.


Caves of Lillafüred

The entrance to the Anna cave in Lillafüred can be found right next to the waterfall at the end of the hanging garden. The cave was built in 1927. The total length of the cave is 570 meters, of which 208 meters can be visited with guided tours. Another notable cave in Lillafüred is the Szent István cave. Its are 1,043 meters long, of which 170 meters can be walked. This cave was discovered in 1913 and opened to the public in 1931. The cave can be visited all year round with a tour guide.


Lillafüred Flying and the mall forest railway

Since 2016, the Lillafüred cable car, which offers a fabulous view, has been waiting for its visitors. From the station built at the foot of Jávorhegy, you can reach the Jávorhegy meadow on the 1,100-meter track. From the summit, you can go in all directions on the hiking trails. The small railway in Lillafüred is one of the most beautiful and most visited forest railway lines in Hungary. Its route is a real mountain course, it leads through steep mountain slopes and tunnels, providing a spectacular journey. It was built in 1920. From 1990, it is only used for passenger transport.


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