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The location of Zrínyi's fight from Szigetvár


The history of Szigetvár

HSzigetvár Castle, located in the western part of Baranya county, is one of the important monuments of Hungarian history. The location of Miklós Zrínyi's glorious fights. The restored fortress is not so spectacular, but its history still makes it interesting through its exhibitions, we can learn about the memories of the Turkish wars and the heroism of the Hungarian soldiers who fought them.

Sights of Szigetvár


Castle of Szigetvár

The XV. A smaller fortress in Szigetvár was built in the 19th century. After the Battle of Mohács, Bálint Török strengthened the defense of Szigetvár Castle. In 1651, Miklós Zrínyi was appointed captain-in-chief. On August 5, 1566, an Ottoman army of 50,000 men arrived at Szigetvár. Miklós Zrínyi resisted the overwhelming force for weeks. On September 7, Zrínyi and his 300 remaining soldiers ran out of the inner castle and died a heroic death. During the siege of more than a month the Turks razed the city and the castle to the ground. The city came under Turkish rule for 122 years. After the Rákóczi War of Independence, the military importance of the castle decreased.


Downtown Szigetvár, Hungarian-Turkish Friendship Park

It is the downtown of Szigetvár, a few minutes' walk from the castle. On Zrínyi Square, the main square of the city stands the Zrínyi monument erected in 1878 with the lion, the Town Hall and the Baroque-style St. Rókus Church created from the reconstruction of the former mosque. The Hungarian-Turkish Friendship Park, created in 1994, is located north of the city, next to highway 67 leading to Kaposvár. The park was created for the 500th anniversary of the birth of Sultan Süleyman. According to the legend, the Sultan's tent stood at this place during the siege of 1566 and he also died here. The two monumental head statues depict the ancient opponents, Miklós Zrínyi and Sultan Sülejmán Nagy.

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