HUNGARY Tatabánya

Tatabánya is the largest settlement in Komárom-Esztergom County


The history of Tatabánya

With a population of 72,000, Tatabánya became a city in 1947 by the merger of the villages of Alsógalla, Bánhida, Felsőgalla and Tatabánya. In 1950, it became the seat of Komárom County, and in 1991, it received the status of a city with county rights. The areas of the Tatabánya basin, rich in natural treasures, have been an ideal place for people to live since the beginning. People have lived on its territory since prehistoric times, from the Paleolithic period, the most important archaeological site of this era is the Szelim cave above Tatabánya. The archaeological materials discovered here can be seen in the permanent exhibition of the Tatabánya Museum.

Sights of Tatabánya


The Szelim Cave

The Szelim cave, located in the Danube–Ipoly National Park, is one of the highly protected caves of the Gerecsei Landscape Protection District. It is located on the edge of Kő-hegy in Tatabánya, on the western side of the mountain, at an altitude of 289 meters above sea level. A small path leads from the adjacent Turul monument to the cave. It is a significant archaeological site, made famous by the bones, tools, and fire pits found here. The finds are now in museum, but the impressive, bright cave is still a great sight. The cave offers a stunning view of the city of Tatabánya and the surrounding landscape.


The Turul monument

It is located above Tatabánya, on the cliff edge of Kő-hegy facing the city, an impressive-sized statue. The wingspan of the metal bird built on 8 meters high stone plinths is 15 meters, and the length of the Árpád sword held in its claws is 14 meters. This statue is the largest ore sculpture of a bird made of metal in Europe. The monument was erected in 1907 to commemorate the Battle of Bánhida. The Turul Memorial has become a defining symbol of Tatabánya.


Ranzinger Vince lookout

In 1980, the lookout tower located on Tatabánya's Csúcsos-hegy was handed over, and the structure was called the Miner's Lookout at that time. In 2008, after a large-scale renovation and structural and safety strengthening, named after Vince Ranzinger, a former mining engineer. The observation deck is 30 meters high and you can climb 156 steps to get to the top of the metal structure. Looking in the southwest direction, we can see the industrial city of Tatabánya. In the northwest direction, we can see the castle on the shore of the Tata Lake Öreg. A fantastic panorama opens up before us, if you're here it's worth going up to the top of the observation deck, which can be visited for free, and to look around.

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