Tolo is one of the pearls of the Greek mainland...


Tolo is a great place to relax

Tolo is located on the Peloponnese peninsula, on the shores of the Gulf of Argolis. Tolo is also a real gem in Greece. It is surrounded by small islands, in the distance you can see mountains and has a wonderful beach. There are plenty of nearby attractions to choose from once you visit. Tolo offers the most opportunities for those interested in historical attractions (Olympia, Sparta, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Athens, Nafplio, Corinth Canal) Tolo is not large, it has only two main streets, so it functions as a roundabout. We get in on the shore side and at the harbor we can turn back onto the main road. There are many taverns, cafés, bakeries and souvenir shops. You can also rent a car, scooter or bicycle. If you do not want to rent, but want to get to know the surrounding towns of Tolo, I recommend the local bus service. There are several bus stops. It is not worth arriving very soon, as the bus may be late.

Tolo attractions


Tolo beaches

Tolo beach is beautiful. Unfortunately, most of the taverns and apartments are built very close to the shore, but we still find a place for ourselves on the sandy shore. Fans of the great beaches can also find their reckoning here, as Psili Ammos Beach, Tolo's real beach. It is located next to the road leading to the settlement (cannot be mistaken). Here it is possible to rent a sunbed, but there is plenty of space to spread our towels in the sand. The water is slowly deepening everywhere.


Assini castle

Next to the road leading to Tolo, you can located the castle. The castle of Assini, it is definitely worth a visit. A built road and a flight of stairs lead us through the ruins, we can look back from the top of the castle Tolora. We will have an unparalleled sight. It is free to view.


Agios Kiriaki church

Next to the Assin Castle, to see another attraction in the city, take a short walk down the road from Tolo until you see the Panorama Apartment. We have to go up the road next to the apartment. There is an asphalt road all the way to the church of Agios Kiriaki, but we have to go uphill (a good little hike) The church, which is magnificent in blue and white, cannot be missed, but let’s not go up in the evening because the road is not so lit. There is a unique panorama from the church. He who looks down on the bay from there will never forget Tolot.


Koronisi island

The island of Koronis is opposite Tolo. Not too big, there is a small chapel at the top. It provides a very nice in the evenings due to the lighting. Unlike Parga, the island is far enough away, so I don’t recommend swimming. You can get there by pedalo, and the braver ones can rent a speedboat.

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